CubiioX CubiioX
Cubiio X
Bring Cubiio X to work at any scale.
Weighing only 8 lbs with a size of a basketball!
You can easily store it everywhere since it fits anywhere from your workshop to garage.
Designed and manufactured in Taiwan
  • 重量僅有4公斤
  • 最大加工尺寸
  • 加工深度
  • 體積小 帶著走
  • 刀頭雕切都沒有問題!
  • 更換雷射頭做雷射雕刻!
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Portable and light as a basketball
  • Weighing 8 lbs
  • Small size
  • Max working space 120cm*120cm
  • Automation
How it works?
Cubiio X如何動作
What can be cut
Solid wood | Plywood | Acrylic | Aluminum Copper Metal | Steel Iron Metal
Create your unique log cabin, coaster, decorative shelf, knife set, and chair! Unleash your artisan spirit!
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Cubiio X options
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Specifications and Details >
Cubiio X詳細規格表
  • Q1
    Does the Cubiio X product include a trimmer?
    The sponsorship package does not include a trimmer. Cubiio X is compatible with most brands of trimmers with a spindle outer diameter of 65mm, which can be installed on Cubiio X. We recommend high-quality and durable models like the Makita RT0700C and RT0702C.
  • Q2
    Should I prepare the dust extraction adapter?
    Most vacuum cleaner hoses can be directly connected to the dust collector of Cubiio X.
  • Q3
    What is the processing accuracy of Cubiio X?
    Accuracy is influenced by many factors, including cutter vibration, tool wear, worktable stability, surface quality of the material, feed rate, spindle speed, and more. Most users can achieve a processing accuracy of approximately 1 mm under the right conditions.
  • Q4
    How fast is the processing speed of Cubiio X?
    "The maximum cutting speed is 2 cm/s, equivalent to 1,200 mm/mins."
  • Q5
    Does Cubiio X come with a warranty?
    All models in the Cubiio series come with one-year warranty from the date of receipt. The warranty covers any product defects in materials or manufacturing (non-human-induced damage) that result in a malfunction preventing normal use for one year.
  • Q6
    Does the belt wear out, and is it replaceable by the user?
    If used normally without deliberate bending, the belt has a lifespan of approximately one year. The four belts, along with peripheral parts, form an assembled 'chassis module' which will be priced at around NT$4,000 in the future. After the belts age, users can purchase them on the official website and replace them using simple tools. If one belt has aged, it is reasonable to replace the entire module with all four belts together.
  • Q7
    What file formats does Cubiio X support?
    Like most CNC machines on the market, supports the processing of G-code files. The device itself can read files via USB and mSD card transfer.
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